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Visa Services

The Honorary Consulate of Uganda in Pakistan is authorized by the government of Uganda to issue visas for Pakistanis/foreigners in Pakistan wishing to travel to Uganda. The visa can only be issued in person through a stamp on the individual's passport.

Required Documentation

If traveling for any purpose, please submit the following documentation:

1-Visa Application Form duly fulfilled in (to be collected from this Consulate or downloaded (link below).
2-Recommendation letter from the organization where applicant is currently employed).
3-Photocopy of computerized National Identity Card (CNIC) of the applicant (original to be shown).
4-Photocopies of main pages of valid passport (first 4 pages as well as visa stamped pages) (original to be shown).
5-Two recent passport size colour photographs of the applicant.
6-Invitation / guarantee letter from Uganda where applicant will stay
 (on original letter head along with organization seal) with the following requirements:
(a)   In case of traveling for business purpose then verified by Uganda Chamber of Commerce.
   In case of traveling for personal purpose then approved by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Uganda
         (fax or photocopy will not be accepted).

7-Copy of last six months Bank Statement of the applicant (original to be shown). 
8-N.O.C. from area Police Station.
9-Photocopy of the valid air-ticket for traveling to Uganda with return or onward travel clearly mentioned (original to be shown).
10-International Health Certificate showing proof of a yellow fever vaccination within the past 10 years. 

If traveling for business purpose, please also submit the following documentation:

1-Copy of Company Profile of the organization of applicant (original to be shown). 
2-Recommendation / Verification letter from the Chamber of Commerce.

Visa Fee Schedule:
1- Single Entry Visa (valid for one month)   >> Call for latest fees
2- Multiple Entry Visa (valid for one year)   >> Call for latest fees
3- Handling Charges (for all types of visas) >> Call for latest fees
4- Visa Application Form (each)                 >> 200 Pak Rupees (or free from the website)

1-Visa will only be issued to those applicants who fulfill all the above requirements (subject to approval of the Honorary Consul).
2-Additional documentation may be required, which will be determined at the discretion of the Consulate.
3-Minimum visa processing time is one week.
4-Applicant should report personally to the Consulate.

Visa Form

You can also download the forms (the form is in pdf format... you will need to print it out to fill it up. If you do not have the FREE Adobe Acrobat Reader, you can download it by clicking here).
1-Visa Application form
2-Visa Requirements form

Special Circumstances

In case of special circumstances, please contact the honorary consulate to determine what can be done to assist you.